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You are now watching a community. [Mar. 7th, 2009|10:50 pm]
I decided I didnt like heathenry as a name for an LJ, so I made it into a community. I will be signing it over to any non-fascist, non-psycho maintainer who wants it.

I will be aven_envoy from now on, and will add anyone from heathenry's list who adds me. And anyone I find interesting and who demonstrates they arent a fascist or psycho.

The usual rules for this LJ apply: I'll say whatever I want. I will post as many nude photos of myself as I want.

Dont talk shit about me or my loved ones or wave a placard in my face, don't tell me which consenting adults I can or can't sleep with or what food I can or can't eat and we should get along well enough.
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